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The following products are available and can be purchased at a demonstration to be held in in your area or by contacting QLaser Wellness Solutions. Private consultations are also available by calling:


Belly Gelly

The Ultimate Detoxifier….Great for:

  • Diarrhea

  • Acne

  • Flu & Vomiting

  • Allergic Responses

  • Fatigue

  • Detoxifier

Quick Facts:

  • Autopsies have demonstrated that the “Gut” has from 7 to 75 lbs. of encrusted material clinging to the gut walls and out pockets.

  • The entire Gastrointestinal Tract has an absorptive area equal to the size of a football field.

Death starts in the colon.  Start NOW to enhance your total health by detoxifying with Belly Gelly.  Belly Gelly is all natural – containing purified water, Bentonite, (natural from SD), Cinnamon, Stevia (dietary supplement).  Re-inoculation is recommended following detoxifying with GENEFLORA (recommended) or liquid acidophilus, in most Health food stores.


Belly Gelly

$30.00 - 16oz. container




  • Increases Energy
  • Stops yeast infections
  • Relieves constipation
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Can be taken with antibiotics
  • Produces Enzymes that break down complex fats
  • Produces L+Lactic Acid, which is rapidly metabolized by the body, unlike acidophilus, which produces D-Lactic Acid that is slowly metabolized in the body.
  • Greatly reduces and/or eliminates harmful bacteria in the lower intestines…by increasing the beneficial bacteria thus restoring balance of the intestinal flora. (survives stomach acid and is delivered to the small intestine without a loss of viable organisms)
  • No refrigeration required Milk FREE!!!


No refrigeration required
• Milk FREE!!!
$45.00 - 90 capsules  


Laser Assist Compound

Nutritional Health and Pain Reduction for Joints

Are you suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, or other painful joint problems?  Cheval International a nutritional equine company designed this special formulation for horses.  They have had unbelievable results with animals of all types!  Animals will either limp or they won’t.  We have received many testimonials from our clients telling us their amazing results.

Laser Assist is a unique granular mix of more than 20 nutritional ingredients that is believed to benefit humans in treating arthritic symptoms and problems relating to aging.  It is packed full of glucosamine sulfates PLUS many other natural, healthy “flex nutrients” that gives the maximum benefits to animals….and YOU!

~Ask your Consultant for a full list of Ingredients…and directions!

Laser Assist

$65.00 - 8 oz container



This special combination of enzymes, anti-oxidants and nutrients, was designed to be an extremely effective aid when taken in between meals (on an empty stomach), for chronic and acute inflammation is especially beneficial. The special combination of enzymes in this formula helps eliminate the foreign matter that causes inflammation

Manufacturer: Premier Labs


$49.00 - 90 tablets



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