"Dr. Lytle’s technology has greatly improved the quality of life for both me and my family.”

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The following products are available and can be configured for your particular needs at a demonstration to be held in in your area. Private consultations are also available by calling:





The main base unit, good for muscles, inflammation, wounds, and for all organs, heart, lungs, thyroid, kidneys, prostrate, eyes, skin, pancreas, etc. and all soft tissue. No laser like this in the world!

• Has 20 Lights and lasers, 12 true lasers, 8 infared, 4 visible red
• At least 7 wavelengths and many Soliton Waves
• 5mw laser diodes
• 7 Treatment modes (3 pre-programmed and 4 additional for customization)
• Delivers 7.5 Joules (doses) of energy    in 3 minutes
• Computer controlled output and power density
• 7.2 Volt lithium-ion battery (no memory) rechargeable
• The size of a hand-held telephone, easy to hold, very portable

660 Enhancer

660- Enhancer

The 660 Enhancer, a 50 mW “red laser” is used in place of acupuncture needles for stimulating trigger points, and for many dental applications. This pencil-thin laser is powered by the Q1000.



808 Enhancer

808 -Enhancer

The 808 Enhancer is a 500mW "infra red" laser in a small hand-held probe the size of a large pen. The power of this infra-red laser has benn noted for its beneficial results in controlling bone infections and stimulating bone growth. An FDA approved laser of 800 wave lengths is utilized for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and for Osteo-Arthritis


Q10 Cosmetic Laser

Q10 Cosmetic Laser


Three unique treatment modes each with up to eight unique frequencies. Intuitive one button operation, bright muticolor easy to read display, advanced ergonomic design. Four laser diodes. five LED's, five different wavelengths of Beneficial Energy.

  • Mode 1 – For Mild Pain and Inflammation

  • Mode 2 – For Skin/Cosmetic conditions

  • Mode 3 – Universal Health and Healing Benefits



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