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Welcome to QLaser Wellness Solutions, we are pleased to help you take control of your health....

Low Level Laser therapy is a treatment in which Subtle Energy is used to relieve symptoms of Acute and Chronic Conditions. The QLaser System is the only Low Level Laser with FDA Approval for “over-the-counter” use in the treatment of Osteo-Arthritis...to date!.

Low level lasers like the Q Laser Series use less than one watt of power and they produce what can be best described as a Healing Light. Low level lasers have been noted as being a catalyst for Beneficial Improvement. If you have concerns about aging, pain management, memory problems, heart disease, or anything else, we may be able to help you experience a Beneficial Improvement. Every living tissue is made up of cells, as we age or get ill; these cells die or become less "active" from loosing electrons. All cells are healthy due to the energy within the cell, which is surrounded by the cell wall. When the nutrients are not held within by the cell wall the activity decreases and the cell dies. Low level lasers like the Q1000 have indicated that they create a stable environment within the cell to allow nutrients to pass through, thereby increasing activity and increasing electrons. This is turn results in:

☼ Increasing the cell metabolism
☼ Helps to develop muscle tissue and collagen
☼ Improves blood circulation
☼ Stimulates tissue repair and the healing of wounds
☼ Stimulates the nervous
☼ Stimulates the immune system

How it Works? A Low Level Laser is a noninvasive and non-thermal therapy in which a special type of light penetrates the surface of the skin as well as underlying tissues to stimulate natural healing in the body. The body's cells are exposed to photon energy, which in turn...

☼ Reduces pain
☼ Reduces inflammation
☼ Relaxes muscles
☼ Re-energizes cells
☼ Promote faster healing
☼ Increases bone repair
☼ enhances immune system and more

 Dr. Larry Lytle, DDS, PhD., has spent half a century enriching lives and educating the public as a teacher, dentist, lecturer, and author. After spending 35 years in dentistry and nutrition, Dr. Lytle had developed a desire to further care for his patients and the world. He spent years developing a low level laser system (Q Lasers). He has authored many books including the definitive handbook on low level lasers complete with acupoints. Dr. Lytle hopes that the healthcare system will be revolutionized, and he will be one step closer to achieving his lifelong dream, “making a difference in mankind.”

Meet Dr. Larry Lytle innovator and inventor of the Q Laser System, goal is by providing the best in alternative and mainstream healthcare.

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As depicted above and below:

Low Level Laser Therapy is easy

and safe to use at home.


Client depicted above utilizing

the 808 Enhancer for relief of

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms